Friday, November 21, 2008

Mom, I'm Hungry

I'm hungry
I'm starving
I think I"m going to die

My children say this, with a dramatic sigh

I've cooked
They've eaten
They each cleaned their plate

Yet here we are in this food debate

It's bedtime
No eating
You should have had more dinner

They try to convince me they are growing thinner

So what
Big deal
You aren't going to win

I smile at them with my patronizing grin

Eyes rolling 
Tummy's grumbling
They hit the sack

I sit down to enjoy a little snack

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Toothpaste in the sink
on the mirror, on the wall

A forgotten trail of toys,
Littered down the hall

Half of a sandwich, 4 days old
Left in a lunchbox,  covered with mold

Backpacks and shoes, dropped by the door
Clothes never seeing inside of a drawer

Clean bathroom towels, in short supply
Wet bathroom towels were not hung to dry

Fingerprint smudges all over the glass
Dirty hands touching it, each time they pass

Laughter and giggles echo in the air
Living with boys, nothing can compare.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Why is it when dogs feel the need to be sick,
the carpet is always the first place they pick?

They don't seem to notice all the wood floors and tile
when they are looking around for a spot to defile!

Nor do they consider how their master will feel
while cleaning up the remains from their previous meal. 

Gross, disgusting, repulsive and sick,
are just some of the adjectives that I would pick.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my pets
But that doesn't stop me from spewing out threats.

"If you throw up again on my carpeted floor,
Your butt will be thrown right out the back door!

Living inside is a privilege, my friend,
and your life of luxury could come to an end!  

I'd rather you not throw up at all,
but if you must...please go into the hall!

There is no carpet there for you to stain,
and therefore no reason for me to complain."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Something is Changing

I feel a stirring in my soul,
something is changing

God's hands are in my life
my heart, he's rearranging

Ripping open patched up wounds
so healing can begin

Turning my face towards the giants
long ago buried within

He's showing His mercy
He's showing His grace
He's showing His love for me
He's revealing His face.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The tale of a Squirrel

This tale begins on a blustery day
when hurricane Faye was coming our way.
The trees were bending under the wind,
under pelting rain, the houses were pinned.
Families were huddled inside to stay dry,
eagerly awaiting the storm to pass by.
When the worst of the storm did finally end,
Wesley was wanting to play with a friend.
We cautiously drove to go pick him up,
and that's when we found the little squirrel pup.
He was lying alone in the friends' front yard,
he'd fallen from a tree, and landed quite hard.
He seemed so tiny there on the front lawn,
we had no idea where his mother had gone.
I couldn't just leave him there, letting him die...
I decided to rescue him, to give it a try!  
We brought him home wrapped in a shirt,
Hoping he wasn't too badly hurt.
We figured he was young, his eyes still closed,
we voted on names while the little guy dozed.
When it came time to eat, he acted reserved...
he had no interest in food, from what I observed.
On the second day though, he went to town...
greedily grasping, and gulping it down!
So far this is sounding perfectly fine,
I hate to interject and start to whine.....
but there is something about this you should know
in case you have a squirrel you want to help grow.
Plan on losing quite a bit of sleep
if this is a squirrel you decide to keep.
They eat every three hours, yes, that's right.
So guess who gets up with him all through the night!
Not the children who just had to keep him....
but the mom who gave into this reckless whim!  
So I do the feedings at 12, 3 and 6.....
it's the best cure for the "I want a baby" fix!
It's a good thing he's a cute and cuddly guy...
or we would have had a speedy goodby!
So, think of me as you finish this reading....
you can bet it is time for another feeding!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My heart

My heart is breaking, aching for you
as you lie there so afraid.

I thought that I could keep you safe,
I feel I have betrayed.

You look to me, those big blue eyes
to comfort and console.

I mourn the things I cannot fix
things out of my control.

To my God, I will entrust,
please guide the hands that heal.

Give them wisdom, give them strength,
and your plan, Lord, please reveal.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ode to a Weary Mother

Oh weary mother, 
Don't give up!
Keep persevering,
Your time's not up!

I know it's hard,
This job you do.
The hours are long,
the accolades few.

Your strength grows thin
at the end of each day.
You try your best 
to keep frustration at bay.

Sometimes the attitudes
are too much to bear.
There is so much whining,
It's just not fair!

Just trudge along, soldier, 
don't give up  the fight.
Keep on teaching them
what's wrong and what's right.

Keep on answering
all of their WHY's.
Keep on encouraging
all of their tries.

Don't give into weariness,
these days have a number!
Don't think of the hours
you have lost in slumber!

Your time will come
to sleep till dawn...
For before too long,
they will be gone.

There will be no more whining,
and no more fights,
no more deciding
who's wrong and who's right.
No more saying
"Because I said so!"
No more time
to watch them grow.

The job is tiresome!
But the rewards are great!
Your dedication can help
to determine their fate.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Boy

Don't grow up, my baby boy,
our days now seem so few.
Come and sit with me awhile
so I'll be close to you.

Tell me of your wildest dreams,
share with me your fears.
Tell me what you hope to be 
in the coming years.

Allow me one more glimpse
of the child I once knew.
Let me hold you in my arms
like I did when you were two.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Watch-less wrists, time does betray

Intoxicating waves wash our cares away

A lyrical breeze dances all around

Playing it's melody, without a sound

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Lord, I cry out to you!
Help heal my heart

It's breaking inside me...
being torn apart

Why can't I feel you
in this dark hour?

Where is your mercy?
Where is your power?

How can I heal 
the wounds from my past?

How can you fill them
with a healing that lasts?

When will the past 
stop deceiving me?

When will I allow you
to set me free?

Free from the lies
stored in my heart

Free from the me
that tears me apart

When will I start to see
what's honest and true?

When will I trust 
and turn completely to you?

Give up the fight
that is raging within

Give up the need
to always win

Help me Lord, 
look always to You

When I don't seem to know
what else to do

Help me remember
not to believe the lies

But instead see myself
through Your eyes

For with you on my side
I can do all things

I will find Your strength
and fly on eagles wings!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Lauren, 
A dear friend of mine
Six random Facts  
She did assign.
Things about me, 
That no one else knows,
Crazy little facts, 
I'm willing to disclose.

I'll start simple,
it just popped in my head,
My favorite thing to eat,
is buttery garlic bread.
I love it with pasta,
I love it alone,
If I take one bite,
I know my diet's blown.

I worked with Fred Savage
Star of The Wonder Years
While at Universal Studios
One of my many careers!
We slid down a slide,
He in my lap,
filming a commercial
to be shown around the map.

Speaking of jobs,
I soared to new heights
when I was a trick rider
at Arabian Nights. 
I stood in the saddle,
galloping in the ring
I was also an audience plant,
From the rafters I did swing.

One dream of mine
that is a little bazaar
I have always wanted to be
a soap opera star.
Being on Tv
is not my goal
Real life is where
I want to play the role!

This one's rare,
for what it's worth
I held the video camera
for my third son's birth!
Todd helped deliver,
so he had distractions
I handled the filming
in between contractions!

The last fact I tell
has to do with love
and how my sweet husband
was a gift from above
After our first date
I told my mom the plan.
"Sometime in the future..
I will marry that man!"

So there you have it
six facts about me
Lauren said it'd be fun,
I'd have to agree!
Now the only question
left for me to ask
is who should I tag?
And are they up to the task?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Oh Caffeine, you nasty ghoul!

You flirted with me and made me the fool.

I'd resisted your lure for a small season,

then made a decision without rational reason.

The piper is now being payed his due,

I'm wishing I hadn't indulged in that brew.

For the hour is late, yet here I remain...

I alertly anticipate the sleep I will feign.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Love

I fell in love again tonight
across the table
illuminated by our dinner light

I saw a man I used to know
he exposed himself
in that reminiscent glow

isolated by everyday life
too distracted to see
a husband and wife

I found him in his boyish grin,
his Caribbean blue eyes
I wondered where he'd been

under his stare, my cheeks start to blush
we speak in a hush
we try not to rush

we encourage this latent love renewed
"I've missed you" we say
our voices subdued

There's comfort in the space we share
our hearts we bare
an answered prayer

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Break

S lower pace
P laying until dark
R iding with the windows down
I ce cream cones
N o schedule
G oing to the beach

B oys in the pool
R enting movies
E veryone's relaxed
A larm clocks turned off
K ids having fun

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


muddy footprints on the floor
dirty hand prints  on the door

loud giggles from down the hall
a masterpiece in crayon, on the wall

bikes and scooters in the yard
old playdough, stiff and hard

bugs and lizards in little cages
games and puzzles for all ages

clothes forgotten next to the hamper
fishing poles stuffed in the camper

being there to wipe a tear
little boys to love so dear




I was fat
imagine that
I ate food
when in the mood
I stuffed my face 
for goodness sakes
when I was bored
oh my lord
couldn't wait
 to fill my plate
It went from lips
straight to my hips
In front of eyes
right to my thighs
I said "yummy"
got a bigger tummy.

Now that I'm thinner
I feel like a winner
I fought that fat
Imagine that!
I wait for need
before I feed
I eat what's green,
whole, and lean!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Honey Nut Blunder

Don't cry over spilled cheerios,
especially when milk is lacking!
Just go and open the back door
and let the dogs start snacking!
They'll remove the evidence
of your honey nut blunder.
Why is the box almost empty?
Everyone will have to wonder.
I know about yourself you think,
"I always spill everything!"
But you are not the only one,
it's just a part of growing.
A great trait I've noticed, though,
is that you're always willing...
to grab a broom and dust pan
to clean your messes and spillings!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't change my time!

Day light savings is to blame
of why our days are not the same
the kids are sleeping through their alarms
and falling asleep in their lucky charms
mom and dad can't drag out of bed
we face each morning with a feeling of dread
Why do we have to mess with the time?
There doesn't seem a reason or rhyme
I know they didn't ask any mothers
We certainly weren't given our druthers
So whoever made up this little rule
I think that you are quite a fool
Let's see you try with all your might
 you get them to sleep without a fight
and wake them before the sun does rise
see if you get them to open their eyes
We'll adjust as time goes by
until they change again...oh my! 

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I came to a realization today
One long past overdue.
Despite your efforts, you wont' change me
In return, I can't change you. 
Change needs to come from within
When we finally see the need
We must visualize who we want to be
Clutch that picture and believe.

Two Nights Before Christmas

Twas two nights before Christmas
when I sat down to type
realizing in Horror that it just struck midnight
The house is a disaster
the laundry not done
there are a million things to do
and I am but one.
time to get my hair cut
and finish the wrapping
don't forget the dishes,
uhg! I should be napping!
As I thought some more
I came to a revelation,
In three more days
we leave for VACATION!
That means more laundry and shopping,
planning and packing,
these are things I know I should be tackling!
But the hour is late,
and my body is tired
I'll save the coffee for later to get me wired.

A Terrible Night

I thought I should give you a glimpse of our week,
I won't tell you all, just give you a peek
I might warn you though, there are parts that may scare,
That is not my intention, nor my reason to share.
It started last week, when my dog barked at night
We woke up to find a terrible sight!
She was scratching and sniffing under our range,
Something, we thought, seemed a bit strange.
So we pulled out the stove to see what we would find
When lo and behold a RAT ran from behind!
We were screaming and hopping one might say,
and Holly just stood there as the rat got away.
It ran under the dishwasher and out of sight,
and that was our first, terrible night.

The next thing I tell you is not nearly as chilling,
I'll tell you about it if you are still willing.
It started again at night, with a storm,
OK, you're thinking, not out of norm.
We got up again in the middle of the night,
and had yet another terrible sight.
It was raining outside, but that's not all.
It was raining INSIDE, coming right through my wall!
The floor was flooded, the counter was too
Poor tired Todd didn't know what to do!
He began placing buckets under each pouring spout
All the time thinking, Do we need to move out?
First there are rats, and now there is this,
Let me think, is there anything I've missed?
( I couldn't tell him there were a few things more,
Owen wet OUR bed and the dog peed on the floor!)

Now that I've given you this quick little peek,
I am sure you know how we spent our week.
There was sopping and mopping, poison and trapping,
Long tired nights, and not enough napping.
The exterminator was called, and the insurance adjuster.
We have used up all the energy we can muster.
Thanks for listening to my sad little tale,
It is time now to go and dump out a pale.

My Grandfather

How do you measure the past 80 years?
The life of a man we all love
A life full of happiness, even through tears
A man with such honor, it's unheard of
A young husband first, with love in his eyes
Devoted to a woman of grace
After 58 years, it is no surprise
Devotion still lights up his face
As the years passed on, his family grew in love,
Trusting Gods plan for their life
They received seven blessings from above
Thus completing both husband and wife
Large families have their fair share of trials
But his faith he held onto fervently
Even when work separated him by miles
he followed Gods word unfailingly
A hard working man, devoted to life
A fisher and discipler of men
He lives the truth side by side with is wife
And he'll share it with others till the end
We come together to celebrate
and love him the best way we can
to let him know that we think he is great
and an awesome example of a man

A Mother's Thoughts

As I lay down this tired heap
I pray to God I'll get some sleep
The house is a wreck, but that's ok,
I'll just leave it for another day.
After teaching, playing, scolding and cooking,
my first thought is "will anyone be looking?"
I take one more peek through their bedroom door
then turn to go clean the poop off the floor.
One more thing to check off my list
Hearing my 3 year old say "oops, mom I missed!"
These days will be over before I know
And my three little boys will be ready to go
no more fights over doing their chores
no more little boys slamming their doors
no more picking up little dirty socks
or finding my washing machine full of rocks
I know the things that drive me crazy today
will make me laugh and smile someday
For boys will be boys, I must understand
and everyday won't go exactly as planned
There will be days that are great, and days just so-so
But I will cherish each one, until I have to let them go.