Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Grandfather

How do you measure the past 80 years?
The life of a man we all love
A life full of happiness, even through tears
A man with such honor, it's unheard of
A young husband first, with love in his eyes
Devoted to a woman of grace
After 58 years, it is no surprise
Devotion still lights up his face
As the years passed on, his family grew in love,
Trusting Gods plan for their life
They received seven blessings from above
Thus completing both husband and wife
Large families have their fair share of trials
But his faith he held onto fervently
Even when work separated him by miles
he followed Gods word unfailingly
A hard working man, devoted to life
A fisher and discipler of men
He lives the truth side by side with is wife
And he'll share it with others till the end
We come together to celebrate
and love him the best way we can
to let him know that we think he is great
and an awesome example of a man

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