Monday, November 10, 2008


Why is it when dogs feel the need to be sick,
the carpet is always the first place they pick?

They don't seem to notice all the wood floors and tile
when they are looking around for a spot to defile!

Nor do they consider how their master will feel
while cleaning up the remains from their previous meal. 

Gross, disgusting, repulsive and sick,
are just some of the adjectives that I would pick.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my pets
But that doesn't stop me from spewing out threats.

"If you throw up again on my carpeted floor,
Your butt will be thrown right out the back door!

Living inside is a privilege, my friend,
and your life of luxury could come to an end!  

I'd rather you not throw up at all,
but if you must...please go into the hall!

There is no carpet there for you to stain,
and therefore no reason for me to complain."


Shelly said...

Beki, I know you write poetry just for fun, but you really have a gift! The words flow so beautifully... I sincerely love your writing!

Lauren said...

HA! From one pet owner to another, I feel your pain. Leo left me a lovely little mess on/around/under our leather chair (did I mention I even had to wipe down the walls?). That is more information than you wanted or needed to know, and seriously less poetic.

But you know I tell you everything.