Sunday, September 20, 2009


A warming smile
a listening ear
an encouraging hug
a shared tear

Someone to trust
or share a laugh
someone to fight
in my behalf

Two kindred hearts
a special bond
that over time
only grows more fond

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Love For You

My love for you drains me
pains me
chains me

My love for you molds you
scolds you
holds you

My love for you ages me
rages me
engages me

My love for you finds you
binds you
reminds you

My love for you brightens me
enlightens me
frightens me

My love for you grows you
knows you
chose you

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The runner

Pounding pavement beneath her feet
hypnotizing with it's rhythmic beat

lungs burning, hungry for air
minutes pass by, unaware

sweat is streaming down her face
hair is falling out of place

eyes focused straight ahead
her feet will go where they're lead

determination fuels the fire
accomplishment is her desire

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Stuff, Stuff, all around
From the ceiling, to the ground

Piling up from left to right
Shoved in boxes, sealed up tight.

Boxes moved to and fro
Stuff to stay, stuff to go

Too much stuff to even pack
It multiplies behind my back!

Where's it from? When did it come?
If you need stuff, I"ll give you some! 

Take this stuff out of here!
I need some space that is clear!

Clear of clutter, Clear of stuff! 
Get it out.....I've had enough!  

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rainy Day

The rain
is falling
again today

The Sun
is hiding
there's only grey

The children
are bored
they want to play

It's getting
to obey

They wish
the rain
would go away

And not 
come back 
another day

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Next House

My next house will be the perfect home,
with plenty of space for three boys to roam.

There will be no white tile covering the floor
It will have functioning locks on every door.

Ample closet space, no more seasonal segregation
Definitely an attic for Christmas decorations.  

There will no longer be any standing in line
The children will have a bathroom separate from mine

There will be a garage to store bikes and our boat
And a sparkling pool, where all summer we'll float

The kitchen will be spacious, with a pantry for food
(and my husband will cook when I'm not in the mood!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Turning 33

Today is my birthday, I am 33.
I'm not yet the person, I thought I would be.

I still feel like a girl, in dress up clothes
Pretending to be grown-up, and no one knows.

I thought I would know more, I don't know how.
I guess I thought I'd be wiser by now. 

I'd have the answers when they ask why
I'd have the reasons why they should try

I would be confidant with who I am 
So I could build confidence in each of them.

I would have more trust, and a little less fear
The future would look a little more clear

I would not keep making the same mistakes
I would learn my lessons, whatever it takes.

Today is my birthday, I am 33
I am working on being who I thought I would be.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sleeping bags, tent,
Pillows and clothes.
Batteries, flashlights,
a lantern that glows.

Fishing poles, tackle,
boat on a trailer.
Sunblock, bug spray,
Zachary's inhaler.

Camping chairs, cooler,
books to read.
No cell phones, computers,
there is no need.  

Go to Bed

Go to bed
you sleepy head
Did you hear what I said?

 ipods down
no kidding around
I'll ship that thing out of town! 

You're not tired?
You feel wired?
Well your opinion is not required. 

For Sale

Welcome to our's where we still live.
If you come across a mess, please do forgive.  

I know you are imagining yourself in this house
but I still live here with three boys, and a spouse. 

We do our best to keep it neat for you
so it's tidy and sparkly, when you walk through. 

But boys will be boys, and they are not neat
they leave toys on the floor, and don't wipe their feet.  

It's enough to drive a sane mother mad...
I couldn't do it with out the help of their dad.

He encourages the boys to help me pick up
when we know a realtor is about to show up.

We all work together to put things just right
We vacuum and store messes, out of plain sight. 

So please don't come look,  just to amuse
Make us an offer we cannot refuse!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ranting and Raving

HE started it!
I didn't do it!
He hit me first,
so HE is worse!

Give that back
That toy is mine!
You stole it from me
and that is a crime!

I don't want to!
Do we HAVE to?
Can't we stay,
I want to play!

You don't know
How I Feel!
I promise it hurts,
The pain is REAL! 

You're not fair,
LIFE'S not fair! 
I'll scream and SHOUT!
I'll move OUT!

I wish I was 
An only child!
These other boys
Are simply WILD! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Need You

I need you...

I need you to believe in me
and say "A job well done"

I need you to hold me firmly
when I want to turn and run

I need you to reach out to me
when you see me cry
I need your arms to comfort me
without knowing why

I need you to dream with me
when you know it won't come true

I need you to believe with me
because some things really do

I need you to trust me
with your secrets and your heart

I need you to let me in
to the innermost part

I need you to love me
despite my many flaws

I need you to love me
.....just because

I need you 

Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm thinking over our past week
and what it did entail.
I have memories of a parasite,
and the plans it did derail.  

I found these tiny bugs
nesting in my children's hair.
If you've never had this happen,
you can really not prepare.

I don't believe these pests
had received an invitation.
A little bottle of poison
became our family's one salvation.

Flowing, toxic shampoo
poured on all the kids heads.
Every sheet, blanket and pillow
 stripped from the beds.

Stuffed animals were bagged 
sentenced for two weeks away.
We did not want these critters
to think they could stay.

We've been checking heads daily,
every last bit...
hoping there was not
an overlooked nit.

So now I am paranoid
always looking twice!
For I never again,
want to share my home with lice!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Second Guessing Hair

Looking at my blog pic, something caught my eye
I started focusing on my hair, I couldn't tell you why
I don't spend much time on it, nor is it cut a lot
When I cut it short last time, I was happy so I thought
But here I am staring at the long flowing tresses
and I find myself having all kinds of second guesses.