Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Mother's Thoughts

As I lay down this tired heap
I pray to God I'll get some sleep
The house is a wreck, but that's ok,
I'll just leave it for another day.
After teaching, playing, scolding and cooking,
my first thought is "will anyone be looking?"
I take one more peek through their bedroom door
then turn to go clean the poop off the floor.
One more thing to check off my list
Hearing my 3 year old say "oops, mom I missed!"
These days will be over before I know
And my three little boys will be ready to go
no more fights over doing their chores
no more little boys slamming their doors
no more picking up little dirty socks
or finding my washing machine full of rocks
I know the things that drive me crazy today
will make me laugh and smile someday
For boys will be boys, I must understand
and everyday won't go exactly as planned
There will be days that are great, and days just so-so
But I will cherish each one, until I have to let them go.

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