Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Love

I fell in love again tonight
across the table
illuminated by our dinner light

I saw a man I used to know
he exposed himself
in that reminiscent glow

isolated by everyday life
too distracted to see
a husband and wife

I found him in his boyish grin,
his Caribbean blue eyes
I wondered where he'd been

under his stare, my cheeks start to blush
we speak in a hush
we try not to rush

we encourage this latent love renewed
"I've missed you" we say
our voices subdued

There's comfort in the space we share
our hearts we bare
an answered prayer


Lauren said...

WOW. Beautiful. "... latent love renewed." Isn't that just what marriage looks like? Falling in love over, and over, and over again--- renewing what has grown stale, mending the broken places. You really captured it, Beki.

Mom said...

Lovely. When you came home I saw that glow ... and realize now I took too long to go....

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