Monday, June 9, 2008

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Lauren, 
A dear friend of mine
Six random Facts  
She did assign.
Things about me, 
That no one else knows,
Crazy little facts, 
I'm willing to disclose.

I'll start simple,
it just popped in my head,
My favorite thing to eat,
is buttery garlic bread.
I love it with pasta,
I love it alone,
If I take one bite,
I know my diet's blown.

I worked with Fred Savage
Star of The Wonder Years
While at Universal Studios
One of my many careers!
We slid down a slide,
He in my lap,
filming a commercial
to be shown around the map.

Speaking of jobs,
I soared to new heights
when I was a trick rider
at Arabian Nights. 
I stood in the saddle,
galloping in the ring
I was also an audience plant,
From the rafters I did swing.

One dream of mine
that is a little bazaar
I have always wanted to be
a soap opera star.
Being on Tv
is not my goal
Real life is where
I want to play the role!

This one's rare,
for what it's worth
I held the video camera
for my third son's birth!
Todd helped deliver,
so he had distractions
I handled the filming
in between contractions!

The last fact I tell
has to do with love
and how my sweet husband
was a gift from above
After our first date
I told my mom the plan.
"Sometime in the future..
I will marry that man!"

So there you have it
six facts about me
Lauren said it'd be fun,
I'd have to agree!
Now the only question
left for me to ask
is who should I tag?
And are they up to the task?


Lauren said...

THIS IS FABULOUS!!! Wow, Beki, you know how to rise to a challenge. I have learned several new things about you... Fred Savage? Trick riding? Who knew? And the rhyming... QUITE impressive! Thanks for playing along. :)

The Happy Housewife said...

Very funny Beki! Although I already knew all those things about you!
See you soon!