Monday, July 28, 2008

Ode to a Weary Mother

Oh weary mother, 
Don't give up!
Keep persevering,
Your time's not up!

I know it's hard,
This job you do.
The hours are long,
the accolades few.

Your strength grows thin
at the end of each day.
You try your best 
to keep frustration at bay.

Sometimes the attitudes
are too much to bear.
There is so much whining,
It's just not fair!

Just trudge along, soldier, 
don't give up  the fight.
Keep on teaching them
what's wrong and what's right.

Keep on answering
all of their WHY's.
Keep on encouraging
all of their tries.

Don't give into weariness,
these days have a number!
Don't think of the hours
you have lost in slumber!

Your time will come
to sleep till dawn...
For before too long,
they will be gone.

There will be no more whining,
and no more fights,
no more deciding
who's wrong and who's right.
No more saying
"Because I said so!"
No more time
to watch them grow.

The job is tiresome!
But the rewards are great!
Your dedication can help
to determine their fate.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Boy

Don't grow up, my baby boy,
our days now seem so few.
Come and sit with me awhile
so I'll be close to you.

Tell me of your wildest dreams,
share with me your fears.
Tell me what you hope to be 
in the coming years.

Allow me one more glimpse
of the child I once knew.
Let me hold you in my arms
like I did when you were two.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Watch-less wrists, time does betray

Intoxicating waves wash our cares away

A lyrical breeze dances all around

Playing it's melody, without a sound