Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Terrible Night

I thought I should give you a glimpse of our week,
I won't tell you all, just give you a peek
I might warn you though, there are parts that may scare,
That is not my intention, nor my reason to share.
It started last week, when my dog barked at night
We woke up to find a terrible sight!
She was scratching and sniffing under our range,
Something, we thought, seemed a bit strange.
So we pulled out the stove to see what we would find
When lo and behold a RAT ran from behind!
We were screaming and hopping one might say,
and Holly just stood there as the rat got away.
It ran under the dishwasher and out of sight,
and that was our first, terrible night.

The next thing I tell you is not nearly as chilling,
I'll tell you about it if you are still willing.
It started again at night, with a storm,
OK, you're thinking, not out of norm.
We got up again in the middle of the night,
and had yet another terrible sight.
It was raining outside, but that's not all.
It was raining INSIDE, coming right through my wall!
The floor was flooded, the counter was too
Poor tired Todd didn't know what to do!
He began placing buckets under each pouring spout
All the time thinking, Do we need to move out?
First there are rats, and now there is this,
Let me think, is there anything I've missed?
( I couldn't tell him there were a few things more,
Owen wet OUR bed and the dog peed on the floor!)

Now that I've given you this quick little peek,
I am sure you know how we spent our week.
There was sopping and mopping, poison and trapping,
Long tired nights, and not enough napping.
The exterminator was called, and the insurance adjuster.
We have used up all the energy we can muster.
Thanks for listening to my sad little tale,
It is time now to go and dump out a pale.

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