Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sleeping bags, tent,
Pillows and clothes.
Batteries, flashlights,
a lantern that glows.

Fishing poles, tackle,
boat on a trailer.
Sunblock, bug spray,
Zachary's inhaler.

Camping chairs, cooler,
books to read.
No cell phones, computers,
there is no need.  

Go to Bed

Go to bed
you sleepy head
Did you hear what I said?

 ipods down
no kidding around
I'll ship that thing out of town! 

You're not tired?
You feel wired?
Well your opinion is not required. 

For Sale

Welcome to our's where we still live.
If you come across a mess, please do forgive.  

I know you are imagining yourself in this house
but I still live here with three boys, and a spouse. 

We do our best to keep it neat for you
so it's tidy and sparkly, when you walk through. 

But boys will be boys, and they are not neat
they leave toys on the floor, and don't wipe their feet.  

It's enough to drive a sane mother mad...
I couldn't do it with out the help of their dad.

He encourages the boys to help me pick up
when we know a realtor is about to show up.

We all work together to put things just right
We vacuum and store messes, out of plain sight. 

So please don't come look,  just to amuse
Make us an offer we cannot refuse!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ranting and Raving

HE started it!
I didn't do it!
He hit me first,
so HE is worse!

Give that back
That toy is mine!
You stole it from me
and that is a crime!

I don't want to!
Do we HAVE to?
Can't we stay,
I want to play!

You don't know
How I Feel!
I promise it hurts,
The pain is REAL! 

You're not fair,
LIFE'S not fair! 
I'll scream and SHOUT!
I'll move OUT!

I wish I was 
An only child!
These other boys
Are simply WILD!