Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Turning 33

Today is my birthday, I am 33.
I'm not yet the person, I thought I would be.

I still feel like a girl, in dress up clothes
Pretending to be grown-up, and no one knows.

I thought I would know more, I don't know how.
I guess I thought I'd be wiser by now. 

I'd have the answers when they ask why
I'd have the reasons why they should try

I would be confidant with who I am 
So I could build confidence in each of them.

I would have more trust, and a little less fear
The future would look a little more clear

I would not keep making the same mistakes
I would learn my lessons, whatever it takes.

Today is my birthday, I am 33
I am working on being who I thought I would be.


Jess said...

Happy Birthday!!! LOVE your words and will give you complete credit when I share them! You are an AMAZING writer! Happy Birthday and keep growing and stay young at heart!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can relate. Beautiful. - Mom

Nancy M. said...

Great poem! And a belated Happy Birthday!

Farm Chick Paula said...

What a wonderful poem...
Happy Birthday to you!

Mary Louise Zwissler-Watt AKA "GG" said...

I absolutely LOVED turning 33! Your poetry is exactly how most people would love to write. Keep up the beautiful expression of your life honey. It takes me back to when I was your age.

As a poet I suggest that you be a little careful re the use of the word and. If you can substitute other synonyms it would help. (not to criticize as I find nothing to criticize in your work.

From one poet to another....you are amazing!

Mary L. Watt

Kathy said...

You are simply an incredible woman of 33! You are beautiful from the inside out, and God's grace permeates the way you live and love!

Kathleen said...

Really enjoyed your poem, and, I can definitely relate!