Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm thinking over our past week
and what it did entail.
I have memories of a parasite,
and the plans it did derail.  

I found these tiny bugs
nesting in my children's hair.
If you've never had this happen,
you can really not prepare.

I don't believe these pests
had received an invitation.
A little bottle of poison
became our family's one salvation.

Flowing, toxic shampoo
poured on all the kids heads.
Every sheet, blanket and pillow
 stripped from the beds.

Stuffed animals were bagged 
sentenced for two weeks away.
We did not want these critters
to think they could stay.

We've been checking heads daily,
every last bit...
hoping there was not
an overlooked nit.

So now I am paranoid
always looking twice!
For I never again,
want to share my home with lice!


Aunt T said...


Jess said...

A friend recommends a Robi comb - it can be purchased at the drug store where you find the 'poison-shampoo'; she purchased hers at Walmart. I don't recall how it works but I do know that she recommends it because you simply comb through the hair and there isn't a chemical product to it. She also suggests, if you have a boy - just buzz the hair and start over. ;)

Mely said...

i was a victim of lice in the 5th grade. my mom told me to close my eyes so i wouldnt acknowledge the fact that she was using the chemicals to kill them. she said she was giving me a "special conditioning treatment".... little did she know!