Friday, November 21, 2008

Mom, I'm Hungry

I'm hungry
I'm starving
I think I"m going to die

My children say this, with a dramatic sigh

I've cooked
They've eaten
They each cleaned their plate

Yet here we are in this food debate

It's bedtime
No eating
You should have had more dinner

They try to convince me they are growing thinner

So what
Big deal
You aren't going to win

I smile at them with my patronizing grin

Eyes rolling 
Tummy's grumbling
They hit the sack

I sit down to enjoy a little snack


Lauren said...

HA! And then there's Noah, who eats hardly anything! Guess I have this to look forward to!

(By the way, I hope your snack involved chocolate)

Todd said...

This is one of my favorites.